Expert Water Meter Reading and Billing Service  
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Jonathan Mantell
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   1. Water Inspection Reports of meter readings showing consumption and cost.
   2. Tenant billing
   3. Auditing of City water bills for accounts we service
   4. Frontage versus Meter Analysis

We are a private water meter reading and billing service.

Our service enables you to recover water/sewer charges from your tenants using our periodic billing. Our service will keep you aware of the water usage at your premises even before you receive your New York City DEP bills.

We produce master reports which provide the water meter readings, amount of water consumed and the cost of the water/sewer for the designated period. We provide tenant invoices, made payable to our clients, which they distribute to the tenants for reimbursement of the water/sewer charges directly to them. If a tenant does not have its own water meter we can produce estimated charges based upon their water-use fixtures and type of business.

Our service will enable you to recover water/sewer charges from your tenants through regular periodic billing.

Our service includes unlimited telephone support to management and the tenants. There is no initial set up fee.

Our fees are predicated upon various factors including the location of the building, frequency of service, the number of meters to be read and the number of tenant invoices required. If you increase or decrease the number of meters or tenant invoices our service fee will be adjusted accordingly.

We believe that you will find our water meter reading service most useful. It will keep you aware of the water usage at your buildings and will allow you to impartially and equitably bill your tenants.

For accounts that we are servicing, we can audit NYC Department of Environmental water bills for accuracy.

If you need us to do a Frontage versus Meter Analysis we can provide that service as well.

We are confident that you, like so many of our clients, will find our service worth many times its modest cost. If desired, all or part of our service fee can be included or itemized in your tenants� water/sewer charges, making our service cost free to you. You pay us directly. By billing the tenant you will recover your water, sewer and our service fee.